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Advisory Computers has over 15 years experience in Network Design & Maintenance, PC and Server Builds.

We have practical knowledge of Microsoft Operating Systems including Microsoft 2003-2008 R2 Server, Routing & Switching, and Linux.

We are experienced in the school, small business and home market especially in the areas of establishing, correcting and upgrading security issues, speed and access to the network.

Contact Us as we can identify, solve and provide solutions to your computing needs.

Information Management

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"Our interest in Information Management is to devise a scheme to aid your business in increasing productivity and revenue."

The information flow in any environment is key to the success of the environment - this applies equally in business and in the home.

It is often the case that a simple alteration to the information flow (with or without computers) that will affect the environment considerably.

We believe that we can establish the correct alteration necessary to allow the information flow in your environment to work more efficiently for you.

About Us

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We have over 25 years experience in the IT industry, specialising in creating systems that help your business run smoothly - this varies from technical advice, web design, to all aspects of information management.

As a small IT Consultancy, we understand the needs of both the newly created small business to the more established and larger businesses.

Pure design & photography services are also offered.

Contact us to identify, solve and provide solutions.